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All blessings we receive from God (Jn 3:7) including our christian experiences, even our salvation are acquired through faith (Eph 2:8). It is a means of exchange and a legal tender before God just as money is before man. It is also the importation licence by which things in the supernatural can be brought into the natural world here on earth.

Faith is your purchasing power (Mt 9:20-22, 27-30a, Mt 15:21-28). With faith you cam purchase whatsoever you desire and obtain whatever you want (Mt 9:1-8). What money can not purchase, faith can. (Heb 11:11, 32-34). Faith purchases things beyond the visible realm. If you have faith, you can pay for anything, even things not seen and they becomes yours. (Heb 11:1, Mk 9:23).

Once you have the faith required and release it to God, then the exchange is effected, it is yours. The purchased item is labelled by God as yours and is sent to you. (Mt 11:24, Dan10:12). This is why we must fight the fight of faith! (1 Tim 6:12, 1:18).

Faith is a link between man and God.


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