Deliverance From Ghastly Motor Accident.

I was going to pick my son from school at GRA and I met a gridlock at NTA Rd, Mgbuoba by Laritel. As I was passing people were trying to disengage a trailer carrying a loaded forty feet container. Next I heard shouting, screaming and pointing towards me, instantly I saw the forty feet container coming down on top of me. I had a choice to wheel out but the pedestrians were so many, lives would have been lost. THEN CAME THE CRASH, BOOM….!. When it happened I said, God take control. I was still strapped in my car seat belt, so I was forced to squeeze below my steering wheel. The container landed some inches above the gear lever/stick. I heard people shouting and crying saying “the man is dead oh, who can survive this crash? Why this man go die like this now?” From under the crushed jeep, I was shouting, “I am alive, I cannot die!” but nobody heard my voice. I recalled that the week before I attended the programme “Deliverance from the Roots” and the Men ministry, that Bishop Chinasa Nwosu anointed me so my faith was built up knowing no negative action could manifest. Finally after being there for so many hours, they opened the passenger’s door even though crushed to the ground, I came out shouting “I am alive, I am alive!” Come and see the kind of celebration and jubilation everywhere. They even carried me up shouting, because of the excitement that it was unbelievable I survived such a ghastly accident. I remembered while I was in the crushed car the radio continued to play Christian praise until I came out. I had no scratch, no pain, I knew the GOD I serve, the God of Bishop Chinasa Nwosu brought me out ALIVE IN JESUS NAME AMEN

Name: Bro Innocent