Deliverance From Poverty.

My back ground was based on abject poverty. My father was an idol worshipper and he initiated all the children. It seemed our family was the poorest in the village. In my office I continued to struggle, I was denied of my promotion and many other things. I never experienced favour. The first time I entered The Royal Church was after debating how to use my last twenty naira for transport or offering. Thank god I took the right decision and enter The Royal Church and used the twenty naira for offering. The first message I heard was “Change your mentality” Which I did and sowed my first loan from the office of five thousand into the building of the bishop court for three bags of cement. Then my financial breakthrough began. In this commission I have been lifted, especially when Papa declared what I been denied in my office shall be released to me and I will get to where you are suppose to be before I leave and he anointed me I went forth and saw the manifestation by June 2013 when we packed into our own house, a simple civil servant like me, you can imagine. Today we have graduates in the house and continuous financial breakthrough One black man use to visit me in the dream and push my husband aside. That very day we will quarrel and fight for no reason. Also spirit of anger was part of the package that came with the black man, I would always like to revenge with anger over insignificant things. Finally after Bishop Chinasa Nwosu prayed for my and counseled me. I obedience to his instructions and prayers I am now free, free indeed

Name: Deaconess Bariss