Deliverance From The Hand Of Kidnappers.

On that faithful day my daughter never came home from school. We searched for her but all was to no avail and there was no call for ransom. So we decided to report to the altar of God. We came to Bishop Chinasa Nwosu. He declared my daughter is alive, she will come back and nothing will happen to her. My daughter was taken to a remote uncompleted building enclosed by bushes and the gate was padlocked from the out side so no one would suspect the uncompleted building had any occupants. So the entrance and exit was over the fence. The kidnapper told her his aim was to use her body parts. But each time they attempted to use charm to kill her, the anointing forced them back. They even had to ask what she was carrying that rendered their charms powerless. Finally they left her alone in the compound and warned her not to attempt escaping that men around would kill her. After some hours she tried to escape by banging on the gate and shouting out. Thank god people passing be heard the shouts and alerted the community people who can to her rescue by breaking the fence since the gate was not accessible. Finally my daughter is free, no death, no ransom, no scratch Praise the Lord.

Name: Anonymous