Deliverance From Wrong Marriage

The year 2000 when I was growing in ministry, then I brought some one for marriage. Papa prayed and told me to discontinue with the marriage, he even asked me many years was Abraham older than Sarah, I replied ten years, then asked me much older is my wife I answered one year. Again he asked why not follow this bible example, I remained adamant and entered into the marriage. After three days of marriage she lost her wedding ring, a week later the marriage register (certificate) was missing. From that time forward problem upon problems. Several times she packed back to her father’s compound and I would eventually go and bring her back. A long the line the information I gathered was the mother had returned to her father’s compound, even her elder sister had returned back to her father’s compound too. So one day after a minor argument she burnt and destroyed pictures and documents related to the marriage and took off from the house by midnight shouting that I will suffer and die. The persecution continued, in the dream hundreds of people chased me, every time I dreamed they increased. Things just got worse, from police case to DSS case, from DSS to prison which I stay for one year three months. Finally I was able to send someone from inside the prison to tell Papa my situation. Papa prayed for me within a week I was released. The chief magistrate closed the case because the DSS refused to attend the meetings. Here I am totally free.

Name: Bro Danny Solomon